Room/Linen Spray (Pure Rain)

Room/Linen Spray (Pure Rain)

  • $15.00

Enjoy the fresh scent of spring in your home. A refreshing blend of lime, mint and hyacinth

MOOD ENHANCEMENT: Immensely pleasant natural floral scent for uplifting spirits and invigorating the mind. This essential oil is known to help reduce the symptoms of anxiety and depression

ODOR ELIMINATOR AND SANITATION: Refreshing smell that will not only eliminate odors and microbials including bacteria, but also helps to ward off pests and insects including, flies, fleas, bedbugs, and spiders without leaving harsh chemicals behind.

ROOM SPRAY RECOMMENDED PLACES OF USE: bathrooms, cars, boats, linens, pillows, mattresses, bed sheets, clothing, furniture, offices, yoga mats and studios

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